The Three Keys to Safe and Clean Pool Water


We are often asked, what are the keys to maintaining clear, clean and healthy swimming spa and pool water. The primary requirements, whether it be for a residential or commercial swimming pool are Circulation, Filtration, and Chemical Balance. Whenever your water becomes cloudy, unhealthy or algae begin to grow it can be due to a breakdown in one or more of these three key conditions.


Circulation is the flow or current in the water. It is important to have turn over your water 1 time per day, which typically means your residential pump will run 6 to 8 hours per day for a pool, or 1 to 2 hours per day for a spa.  Pool pumps within a public pool will typically operate 20-24 hours a day. Water circulation is important to keep the chemicals in the water evenly mixed, regulate the overall temperature of the water and make it more difficult for algae to settle and take root. When a body of water is not circulating it becomes stagnant. Circulation also helps get any sanitized and oxidized material in the water to the filter to be collected, keeping the water clear.


Filtration occurs when water is pushed through the pool’s filter. The filter collects any dirt and debris that the pump pushes into it or is vacuumed up, sending the clear and filtered water back into the pool. There are three standard types of filters that you will come across in swimming pool and spa service. These three filters are Diatomaceous Earth filters which have a series of grids inside them that hold a fine powder filter media, Cartridge filters which have a large cartridge or a variety of smaller cartridges inside which collect the dirt and debris and Sand filters which are filled with a fine sand in a sectioned compartment and force the water through the sand with the sand collecting the dirt and debris. All of these types of filters should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Chemical Balance:

Chemical balance is the most important key to maintaining clean, clear and healthy water. Bad water chemistry can not only cause staining and damage to the pool’s surface and equipment but can also cause swimmer discomfort and illness. Proper water chemistry must be checked for and maintained each week. Unbalanced chemistry can allow for algae growth and algae harbors and protects germs and bacteria, allowing it to thrive and putting your swimmers health at risk.

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