Are You Compliant with Title 22 (and the Daily Reporting Requirement)?

Are You Compliant with Title 22 (and the Daily Reporting Requirement)?

In 2015, a series of changes were made to the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 22 that impacted swimming pool operators. A few of the most significant changes included:
– Minimum 3.0 ppm free chlorine in all spas, wading pools and splash pads;
– Maximum pH of 7.8 (with range of 7.2 – 7.8);
– Incident response procedures were introduced for fecal, vomit, blood contamination and drownings.

However, one of the more challenging changes was to Section 65523, Operation Records: “…the pool operator of every public pool open for use at a public pool site shall test the disinfectant residual and pH of the public pool water a minimum of once per day. The pool operator shall also test heated pools’ water temperature a minimum of once per day”.

While many local health departments provided pool operators with a grace period to implement such changes, we are now hearing from many clients that health departments are enforcing this daily reporting requirement as we head into 2016.

As a public pool owner / operator, there are three means of managing the daily reporting requirement:
1) Train on-site staff to test and record the water each day;
2) Hire an outside professional to visit the property each day to test and record the water;
3) Implement chemical automation and reporting.

While options (1) and (2) are certainly viable, they can be expensive and inconsistent. Employee turnover, the loss of testing equipment and overall unreliability are instead pushing many operators to chemical automation.

Chemical automation is not new. Most hotels, motels, fitness clubs and YMCA’s all rely on chemical automation. Title 24 requires all new pools being built be supplied with chemical automation systems. However, what is new is the ability to integrate reporting and remote monitoring with the chemical automation systems. Now, in addition to accurately feeding the pools and spa with the appropriate amount of chemicals, the monitoring and reporting will also track and report all readings to help properties comply with Title 22 and Title 24.
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At VivoPools, we can help your property with all 3 options. And should you be interested in chemical automation and remote monitoring, we can offer you a lease system for as low as $199 per month that will improve the safety of your pool, mitigate risks and ensure you are in compliance with state law. Our automation and reporting have been implemented across a broad set of resorts,hotels, HOA’s, multi-family housing, fitness clubs, waterparks and many other facilities.

Please contact us today to better understand your options.

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