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Are You Compliant with Title 22 (and the Daily Reporting Requirement)?

Are You Compliant with Title 22 (and the Daily Reporting Requirement)?

In 2015, a series of changes were made to the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 22 that impacted swimming pool operators. A few of the most significant changes included:
- Minimum 3.0 ppm free chlorine in all spas, wading pools and splash pads;
- Maximum pH of 7.8 (with range of 7.2 – 7.8);
- Incident response procedures were introduced for fecal, vomit, blood contamination and drownings.

However, one of the more challenging changes was to Section 65523, Operation Records: “…the pool operator of every public pool open for use at a public pool site shall test the disinfectant residual and pH of the public pool water a minimum of once per day. The pool operator shall also test heated pools’ water temperature a minimum of once per day”.

While many local health departments provided pool operators with a grace period to implement such changes, we are now hearing from many clients that health departments are enforcing this daily reporting requirement as we head into 2016.

As a public pool owner / operator, there are three means of managing the daily reporting requirement:
1) Train on-site staff to test and record the water each day;
2) Hire an outside professional to visit the property each day to test and record the water;
3) Implement chemical automation and reporting.

While options (1) and (2) are certainly viable, they can be expensive and inconsistent. Employee turnover, the loss of testing equipment and overall unreliability are instead pushing many operators to chemical automation.

Chemical automation is not new. Most hotels, motels, fitness clubs and YMCA’s all rely on chemical automation. Title 24 requires all new pools being built be supplied with chemical automation systems. However, what is new is the ability to integrate reporting and remote monitoring with the chemical automation systems. Now, in addition to accurately feeding the pools and spa with the appropriate amount of chemicals, the monitoring and reporting will also track and report all readings to help properties comply with Title 22 and Title 24.Computer

At VivoPools, we can help your property with all 3 options. And should you be interested in chemical automation and remote monitoring, we can offer you a lease system for as low as $199 per month that will improve the safety of your pool, mitigate risks and ensure you are in compliance with state law. Our automation and reporting have been implemented across a broad set of resorts,hotels, HOA’s, multi-family housing, fitness clubs, waterparks and many other facilities.

Please contact us today to better understand your options.

Questions about Pool Structure?

pool materials, vivopools

There are three main types of pool structures (Shotcrete / Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl Liner) with preferences often based upon region, economics, climate, length of swim season and even soil conditions.

A concrete pool is constructed by first building a rebar “cage,” in the desired shape. Gunite or Shotcrete, a high-tinsel concrete, is shot on at high velocity, then smoothed with trowels while still wet.

Tile and coping (stones on top of the structure) are applied. Decks are poured up to the shell. Then, the gunite is coated with either plaster or alternative such as an exposed pebble finish or other concrete blend.

A fiberglass pool is a pre-formed shell that is lowered into the ground.  It is then backfilled and decks are poured around it. The pool may or may not have a ceramic tile waterline.

There are a finite number of shapes, colors and sizes. However, installation is about half the cost of a concrete pool and a much shorter construction time.  They are also much easier and less expensive to take out if the homeowner no longer wants a pool in the backyard.

Fiberglass pools are relatively lightweight. Thus, once it is set into the ground and filled with water, draining can cause it to be dislodged from hydrostatic pressure (ground water under the shell). Be aware of high water tables and take great care in draining a fiberglass shell pools. Avoid long periods of time before refilling.

To build an in-ground vinyl liner pool, a hole is dug, walls made of fiberglass, metal, or concrete block are installed with a track on the top. The floor is covered with a special material to keep roots from breaking through.  It is backfilled and a custom-made vinyl liner is hung from the track. After it is filled with water, holes are cut for return lines, skimmer(s), light(s), steps, etc.  Vinyl liners stretch into place to pull out wrinkles. Once they are filled, they should not be drained until the liner is to be replaced – about every 8 to 10 years.  Otherwise the liner can shrink and not have the elasticity to stretch back into place.

Vinyl liner pools are not structures. They are also susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. Liners can “float” up off the floor, but usually settle back down after the wet season. Pets should NEVER be allowed to swim in vinyl liner pools because their claws can inadvertently cut the liner. Other sharp objects can also tear or cut the liner necessitating a repair or replacement. 

Fiberglass Overcoat: A process has been developed for existing swimming pools to have a fiberglass overcoat sprayed on and cured in the field. There are a few different methods, but essentially a mixture of resin and chopped fiberglass is shot on to the pool shell. It may or may not have a gel coat applied on top. It is then cured and filled with water.   This material can be used on concrete pools, fiberglass shells and even to replace an in-ground vinyl liner.

Chemical Balance Based on Surface:

Plaster is a porous material and reacts with water, expelling alkaline materials, particularly in the first three years; pH will run high. Adding acid every visit to balance the high pH will affect the total alkalinity. New plaster is also more susceptible to staining than plaster that is over 5 years old. Thus, it is critical that water balance is within acceptable range the first few year of its life.

Fiberglass and Vinyl Liners do not react with the water. Thus the pH of each chemical, such as chorine and conditioner, will have more of an effect on the pH of the water than in a plaster pool.  It is best to not use Trichlor in these pools.

Fiberglass pools should be maintained at at the higher end of the saturation index range than plaster pools to prevent a condition called cobalting, which is dark staining or streaking on the surface. If cobalting does occur, it can be treated with ascorbic (citric) acid.

Further questions about pool structure? Contact us today to get your questions answered!

Chemical Balance in Your Swimming Pool Water | Chemistry Maintenance

maintain chemical balance in your swimming pool water with regular testing

We have previously discussed the three keys to safe and clean water.  Chemical balance is perhaps the most important element to maintaining water for both residential and commercial swimming pool accounts.  Poor water chemistry can not only cause staining and damage to the pool’s surface and equipment but can also cause swimmer discomfort and illness. Proper water chemistry should be checked for and maintained each week. Unbalanced chemistry can allow for algae growth and algae harbors and protects germs and bacteria, allowing it to thrive and putting your swimmers health at risk.

There are 5 main aspects of water chemistry to keep balances and to check for regularly. These 5 aspects are:

  • Free and Available Chlorine (FAC) – maintained at 3 to 5 ppm (parts per million)
  • pH Balance (Power of Hydrogen) – maintained at 7.4 to 7.6
  • Total Alkalinity (T.A.) – maintained at 80 to 120 ppm (parts per million)
  • Conditioner (Cyanuric Acid) – also called stabilizer, maintained at 30 to 50 ppm (parts per million)
  • Calcium Hardness – maintained at 180 to 500 ppm (parts per million)

There are a few other conditions that can also be checked, depending on your equipment and factors around your pool:

  • Salt, Salinity (Sodium Chloride) – Salt is used with Salt generated chlorination systems only and should be maintained at 3250 to 3500 ppm (parts per million) though different manufacturers will have some variance in their recommended salinity levels (with some up to 4000 ppm)
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – a measurement of all solids dissolved in a sample of water and a general indication of the waters age. Proper TDS levels and recommendations will be given on a TDS test kit.
  • Phosphates – a measurement of microscopic dead plant material and food for algae. Measurements for recommended phosphate levels will be given on any phosphate test

Contact VivoPools today to help check your pool’s chemical balance!

The Three Keys to Safe and Clean Pool Water

pool water, vivopools

We are often asked, what are the keys to maintaining clear, clean and healthy swimming spa and pool water. The primary requirements, whether it be for a residential or commercial swimming pool are Circulation, Filtration, and Chemical Balance. Whenever your water becomes cloudy, unhealthy or algae begin to grow it can be due to a breakdown in one or more of these three key conditions.


Circulation is the flow or current in the water. It is important to have turn over your water 1 time per day, which typically means your residential pump will run 6 to 8 hours per day for a pool, or 1 to 2 hours per day for a spa.  Pool pumps within a public pool will typically operate 20-24 hours a day. Water circulation is important to keep the chemicals in the water evenly mixed, regulate the overall temperature of the water and make it more difficult for algae to settle and take root. When a body of water is not circulating it becomes stagnant. Circulation also helps get any sanitized and oxidized material in the water to the filter to be collected, keeping the water clear.


Filtration occurs when water is pushed through the pool’s filter. The filter collects any dirt and debris that the pump pushes into it or is vacuumed up, sending the clear and filtered water back into the pool. There are three standard types of filters that you will come across in swimming pool and spa service. These three filters are Diatomaceous Earth filters which have a series of grids inside them that hold a fine powder filter media, Cartridge filters which have a large cartridge or a variety of smaller cartridges inside which collect the dirt and debris and Sand filters which are filled with a fine sand in a sectioned compartment and force the water through the sand with the sand collecting the dirt and debris. All of these types of filters should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Chemical Balance:

Chemical balance is the most important key to maintaining clean, clear and healthy water. Bad water chemistry can not only cause staining and damage to the pool’s surface and equipment but can also cause swimmer discomfort and illness. Proper water chemistry must be checked for and maintained each week. Unbalanced chemistry can allow for algae growth and algae harbors and protects germs and bacteria, allowing it to thrive and putting your swimmers health at risk.

Get your pool in check today! Contact VivoPools and we would be happy to get you your safe and clean pool water!

Better Business Bureau and VivoPools

This summer wouldn’t you rather be splashing around in your pool than scrubbing it, right?


We’re really good at this…

…so your family can enjoy more of this.

And that’s only one of the many reasons to go with a reputable company for your pool maintenance needs.  You want your pool to be a place of fun, not a source of headaches.  As this article by the Better Business Bureau points out, it’s important that you do your research when seeking a credible pool maintenance company.  In 2012, the Better Business Bureau received 771 complains nationally regarding pool service and repair providers over alleged unauthorized charges, poor service and ignored service calls.  Don’t want that to happen to you?  Do your homework!

The BBB suggests several tips when hiring a pool maintenance service, such as researching the company and checking that they are a BBB Accredited Business:

  1. Do your research
  2. Compare costs
  3. Get everything in writing
  4. Verify licensing
  5. Check insurance/warranties

We are really proud to a BBB Accredited Business.  Not only do we want you to enjoy as much hassle-free pool time as possible, but we want you to feel secure knowing there is a BBB Accredited Business behind the tech who is coming into your home to take care of your pool.  That’s the VivoPools way. Contact us today!

Make a Splash Makes Swim Safety a Priority

Make a Splash Makes Swim Safety a Priority | VivoPools Monrovia California

We are all ready for summer and hope you are too. Schools are letting out. Days are getting longer. And nothing sounds better than taking the kids out for a fun and refreshing swim, right?

Well, only so long as everyone can be pool safe, and that’s not always the case. Frighteningly, 70% of African-American children cannot swim. The same is true for 60% of Latino children and 40% of Caucasian children. But there are some wonderful people out there who are dedicating their time and efforts to, shall we say, turning the tides on this problem. And that’s why we want to give a shout out to Cullen Jones and everyone else involved with Make a Splash!

Cullen Jones is a really rad U.S. Olympic athlete who not only won gold, but is an ambassador for Make a Splash, a foundation dedicated to teaching kids to learn valuable swim safety in the water and even enjoy the experience. We’d explain, but they do a much better job in this news video.

If you want to know more about Make a Splash, you can find them here. And from all of us at Vivo, thanks for making pools across the country a safer and more fun place for kids!

2013 Talk of the Town Award-Winning Pool Service Company

Thank you to our pool service customers, both residential and commercial, for ranking us among the top companies in the country! 

Award-winning pool service company VivoPools is excited to be named a 2013 Talk of the Town award winner! Ratings are calculated based on consumer-review websites and blogs, social networks, business rating services and other award information to determine the top companies across the country. Only those high ranking businesses with a 4-5 star rating win the Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award. Thanks Talk of the Town!


Award-winning pool service company VivoPools was recognized by Talk of the Town for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 2013.

Pool Service with a Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We are especially honored to be recognized for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction as this is a guiding principle across all of the VivoPools team. As a pool service company, we understand the need for both homeowners and facilities managers to have a reliable service partner. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that your customer experience is a positive one. We show up on time. We don’t let the dog out. And we use our expertise to ensure that your pool is clean, safe and beautiful all season long. We believe it’s the little things that make a big difference and we’re glad you noticed! Thanks for your business and your positive feedback, and thank you to Talk of the Town for the honor.
To learn more about our approach to customer service, read the VivoPools Service Commitment!

Are You in Need of Pool Maintenance?

If you’re a pool owner or manager in need of a reliable pool service company, contact a VivoPools location near you! We’ll plan an appointment around your schedule and get you started on a pool maintenance plan that meets your needs.

Our Customer Service Committment at VivoPools

California based VivoPools offers pool service, repair and maintenance from locations across the United States.

VivoPools: Commitment to Customer Service

Standards are important, and at VivoPools we hold ourselves to the highest. As a pool service company committed to superior customer service, we strive to provide an easy and enjoyable customer experience with uncomplicated service you can rely on. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. The following VivoPools Service Commitment outlines the policies we have in place to ensure that you receive only the best in quality and customer service.

Consistent Service 

If we don’t come on our scheduled day of service or make arrangements to re-schedule service the next day due to unforeseen circumstances*, you don’t pay.

Straightforward Pricing

No unexpected surprises! We will always carefully evaluate your situation and will provide you with an exact price for you to approve before any work begins.

The 97% Difference 

We employ the very best in the business.  Only 1 out of 30 applicants will qualify to enter your property wearing the VivoPools uniform.

Repairs Guaranteed

If a pool repair fails in the first year, we will repair it again, free of charge.


Our employees must pass background checks, and we maintain comprehensive liability insurance. Many of our technicians are Certified Pool Operators (as designated by the National Swimming Pool Foundation).

You can learn more about our VivoPools customer service commitment here or by contacting a VivoPools location near you!

*Unforeseen circumstances may include illness, vehicle accidents, family and personal emergencies, etc.

VivoPools Featured in AQUA Magazine, April 2013 Issue

VivoPools is excited and thrilled to be featured in AQUA Magazine this month, and we just had to share!

Alive and Growing

Vivo means alive and intense, and since its launch in 2009, VivoPools, a service, repair and renovation company with locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, has been both. Under Johnson’s guidance, VivoPools has become one of the fastest growing swimming pool companies in North America. Currently, VivoPools services many leading celebrities’ pools and commercial properties like the W Hotels and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys).

Johnson left a high profile job at Yahoo! to pursue a career in pool care management, where he saw an opportunity to provide a more customer-centered approach. Johnson himself was not satisfied with the way his own pool was being taken care of, and decided to improve upon that service at the helm of his own company, aided in part by what he had learned at the Internet giant.

“My experience at Yahoo! was instrumental in my professional development. Yahoo! excelled at creating a unified corporate culture, and every initiative had a tremendous focus on consumer needs,” he says. The strategy has worked well in Johnson’s new career, which he describes as “incredibly rewarding. No other industry can impact so many homeowners and commercial properties in such a positive way. My childhood memories around the pool are wonderful. I clearly remember my grandfather placing me on his shoulders as he walked to the deep end of the pool. It is those memories that inspire me to provide that same level of excitement and fun to clients around the country.”

Aqua Magazine is a prestigious print and online publication dedicated to the pool and spa industry. It’s a great publication for providing the pool industry’s top decision makers with the necessary, critical information needed to be successful! Pool professionals can keep up with the latest product features, industry news and stories, business columns, reader profiles, and more.

VivoPools Featured in Aqua Magazine, April 2013 Issue



LED Pool Lights are Energy Efficient and Fun!

Did you know? LED pool lights are the latest trend in energy-efficiency and fun. They last 5 times as long as regular incandescent lights. Being able to save money, have fun, and reduce your carbon footprint make updating to LED lights a no-brainer!

And we have some exciting news…we are currently running a special on LED light installs. From now until April 30, 2013, take $20 off an LED light install when you mention code “LED13″!

LED pool lights

Colored lights are available as well. They can even be programmed and synced together. Click HERE to discover how colored LED lights can transform the look and feel of your pool! The link is a fun page to see an example of what the pool would look like as the colors change. A great way to change the mood of your backyard area is to simply change the color. For example, get a fun party feel with purple, or an eerie feel for Halloween with orange or red!

I mean really…how cool does this pool look?? And it’s affordable and energy-efficient to achieve a personal, customized look for your pool at home. If you love to entertain, this a great addition to your pool! Kids love it too!

Please call or email us with any questions, or to schedule an install! (888) 702-8486 or service@vivopools.com

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