Commercial Automation and VivoPoint

Proper chemical automation and remote monitoring is the basis for any aquatic facility, as the system should not only provide your guests with a great experience, but also save you thousands of dollars in operating and capital costs. The VivoPoint platform offers all-in-one solutions for smaller properties and customized solutions for the world’s largest resorts and waterparks.

VivoPoint Diagram #9


The center of our VivoPoint system is a remotely monitored true PPM chemical controller. This controller is integrated with chemical dosing systems and ancillary natural chemicals. Along with remote monitoring we offer our customers a custom online interface to view all chemical levels and controller operations. Adjustments can be easily made from any web enabled device without the need to go to the equipment room. Controller integrated options include flow sensor, tank level switches, UV, corrosion sensors, free, total, combined chlorine, metal sensors, TDS sensors, water meters and much more.


VMS Real Time (1)

The VivoPoint platform provides 24/7 remote monitoring of all networked systems. When a problem occurs we notify the onsite manager if any adjustments are needed.  Alarms and alerts can be customized by property or group and can be prioritized across personnel (i.e., first alert to on-site manager, second to Chief Engineer, etc.).  The VivoPoint platform can be accessed through WIFI or 4G networking and utilizes the latest in cyber security protocols.  In addition to real-time monitoring, the platform securely maintains historical data and reports to outline key trends.

Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements

To ensure proper results on a continuous basis, VivoAquatics will regularly monitor your facility operations. VivoAquatics Management Program was designed to provide regular service visits on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. A detailed report will be completed to ensure all planned service is completed. During our onsite visit if any problems are identified we will include this information on a report including our findings and recommendations. We will also complete all planned equipment maintenance in addition to regular water testing at scheduled intervals. Additional onsite repair service is available for all pool equipment.

Our regular service visits will include a complete water analysis of your pools and spas including any recommendation to ensure properly balanced water. All calibration and adjustments to equipment will be performed while onsite. We will also remotely monitor your system and levels in order to notify you immediately via email if any problems were to arise that could not be fixed remotely. A service representative will be available for any onsite equipment repairs or support. We will work with your staff and oversee all pool operations to ensure that we maintain both equipment and water quality.