Specializing in commercial pool equipment

As a commercial swimming pool facility manager, some of the biggest headaches can come from outdated and broken pool equipment. Lucky for you, VivoPools’ team of qualified commercial pool specialists can diagnose and upgrade your pool’s equipment before it becomes a serious issue.


We’ve got the motors, pumps, timers, and other controls to ensure your customers can enjoy themselves at your commercial pool facility. If you’re looking for heaters or other special equipment to lengthen the swim season, VivoPools can help outfit your commercial pool with the right equipment for its size and shape. Any commercial swimming pool manager understands the importance of a properly cleaned swimming pool, and with our expertise in filters, skimmers, and drainage systems, VivoPools can help you keep your pool sparkling clean all year long.


At VivoPools, we understand that commercial pool repair could be the difference between having a pool full of happy guests and the dreaded “Pool Closed” sign. As a commercial business owner, this may be holding your guests and customers back from giving you repeat or steady business. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of making clients happy. We not only go out of way to offer personalized service, but we also help your commercial business or home reach its maximum potential with an invitingly shimmering and clean pool.


Vivo Pools services customers in the California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and New Jersey areas.