Experienced commercial pool service professionals

VivoPools provides a variety of weekly and monthly swimming pool services to commercial pool facilities of all sizes. With professional staff, reliable service scheduling, and personalized commercial pool service, we are proud to tailor our swimming pool maintenance options to fit the needs of your pool. In addition to the standard full-service, weekly service visits and pool water testing we provide to owners of private swimming pools, we also offer the following commercial swimming pool maintenance services:


One Time Cleaning

We offer our premium cleaning service with a per visit option. Perfect for when you are having a party or corporate event, or when the pool that has been shut down for a long period of time!


Acid Wash

Over time stains and modeling can begin to make your pool plaster unsightly. Our knowledgeable technicians can improve your pools appearance with an acid wash.

Filter Cleanings

Our pool service pool service programs recommend filter cleanings twice a year but you may need additional cleanings depending on your pool usage. We suggest always having a clean filter to:


  • Ensure that your water is clean and safe
  • Make sure no waterborne contaminants build up in the filter
  • Save money: a clean filter uses less energy to circulate the water in your pool
  • Save money: a clean filter lasts longer and reduces the need to replace it
  • Improve chemical stability: extend the life of your plaster and save money
  • Keep algae out


Salt Water System Maintenance

Salt Water Systems create some unique maintenance requirements. Our services can include:

  • Maintaining the salt chlorine generator
  • Cleaning the generating cell to eliminate calcium deposits


Heater Maintenance

Your heater is one of your pool’s most expensive functions, and maintenance is critical to ensure it operates most efficiently. Our services include:

  • Completing annual heater tune-up including disassembly, cleaning and inspection of your heater
  • Calibrating the gas valve regulator
  • Testing all safety circuits
  • Checking for water and gas leaks

This pool service helps prolong the life of your heater and decrease fire hazard by removing leaves, yard and pest debris, dirt and soot from the combustion chamber and venting chamber of your heater. By inspecting the wiring, plumbing and control components of your heater, in addition to testing heater output, we can make sure your heater performs at its best when you need it.